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Thursday, February 28, 2008 3:30PM – 6:30PM

Optional Workshop - Introduction to Text Messaging

3:30 PM - Meet at Cordora Hall for Gathering and Snacks
4:10 PM - Welcome by Dr. BJ Fogg
6:30 PM - Wrap Up and Evening Reception

Friday, February 29, 2008 8:00AM – 5:30PM

Texting 4 Health

Over 25 experts in health, behavior change, and mobile technology shared their insights in 10-minute presentations and follow-up panels. This fast-paced format was very successful. Our program had frequent breaks and an evening reception to allow participants to connect with each other.


8:00 AM - Arrive at Frances C. Arrillaga Alumni Center
8:25 AM - Welcome by Dr. BJ Fogg

I. Intro to Texting 4 Health

Why Focus on Texting 4 Health
Dr. B.J. Fogg, Stanford University
Expertise: Mobile persuasion, Behavior change types and texting

The Landscape of Texting 4 Health: Technology, Applications, Policy Issues
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Richard Adler, Institute for the Future/People & Technology
Expertise: Mobile healthcare, Author of Healthcare Unplugged: The Evolving Role of Wireless Technology

STOMP: Stop Smoking With Mobile Phones
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Debbi Gillotti, CEO, Healthphone Solutions
Expertise: Creating SMS solutions that change behaviors

Insights Into the SMS industry and Market Trends
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Stewart Skorma, QUALCOMM
Expertise: Telecommunications for the health care sector

Discussion and Q&A with speakers above.

» Short Break

II. The Convergence of Mobile Health and Public Health

Why CDC Cares about Mobile Health
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Janice Nall, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Expertise: Public health, CDC initiatives, Health Marketing

Examples from the Field: Going Mobile to Improve Public Health
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Nick Sabadosh, Northrop Grumman, Contractor with the National Center for
Health Marketing, CDC
Expertise: User Experience, Product Design, Mobile Applications, New

Mobile Global Health Initiatives
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Ramesh Krishnamurthy, Coordinating Office for Global Health, CDC
Expertise: Large-scale and complex public health data flow analysis,
Surveillance information systems design, Application of handheld devices
in the developing countries

Value in Public Health Campaigns - Smoking Cessation via SMS Advertising
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Claus Møldrup, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Expertise: Individualized health information using SMS, Smoking cessation

KNOW IT: Text Messaging and HIV Awareness
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Tina Hoff, Kaiser Family Foundation
Expertise: Health communications and Social marketing

Discussion and Q&A with speakers above

» Short Break

III. Changing Health Behavior via SMS

Texting for Weight Management
Presentation Slides (PPT)
Kevin Patrick, University of California San Diego
Expertise: Health behavior measurement and intervention research in clinical and population settings

Using Text Messaging to Reach Low Income, Urban Youth with Sexual Health Information
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Deb Levine, Internet Sexuality Information Services
Expertise: Youth, Sexual health, New technologies, HIV prevention, Health education

Using Text Messaging to Affect Teen Health
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Michele Ybarra, Internet Solutions for Kids
Expertise: Technology use by children and adolescents, Application of
technology as a health promotion tool domestically and internationally

Sweet Talk - Text Messaging Support for Young People with Diabetes
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Victoria Franklin, University of Dundee
Expertise: Support network for youth

Assessment of the Health Related Effects of Compliance Optimization in Asthma through use of SMS
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Claus Møldrup, University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Expertise: A glance at the construction of a controlled trial using SMS

Discussion and Q&A with speakers above

» 12:40pm Lunch

IV. Physical Activity, Mobility, and Text Messaging

Why Texting Could be Effective in Promoting Physical Activity
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Anne Friedlander, Stanford Center on Longevity
Expertise: Innovative strategies to enhance mobility and function throughout the lifespan

A Novel Texting Platform that Could be Used for PA Texting
Ronna Tanenbaum, Kadoink
Expertise: Interaction design, Mixed media

How the Social Networking Aspects of Texting Can be Used to Motivate People
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Estee Solomon Gray, B! Fitness
Expertise: Establishing social networks and communities for women using technology

How Lifestreaming with Texting Can Impact Choices and Behavior
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Stuart Henshall, Mosoci
Expertise: New media technologies in the workplace

Discussion and Q&A with speakers above

» Short Break

V. How to Design and Launch a Texting Intervention

Research Methods for Mobile Messaging
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Dean Eckles, Nokia Research
Expertise: Mobile experiments, Mobile persuasion

Texting4Health Resource Guide
Distribution & discussion

Expert panel on Research and Reality of Texting4Health
Panelists: Deb Levine, Internet Sexuality Health Services; Kimberly Dasher, Kaiser Family Foundation; Peter Boland, BeWell Mobile; Paul Meyer, Voxiva

» Short Break

VI. Showcase of Texting Applications

Emerging and Successful Models of SMS in Commercial Applications
Presentation Slides (PPT)
Eric Holmen, President, SmartReply
Expertise: Mobile technology, Mobile marketing, Integration with other mediums

Solutions for Enabling and Enhancing Personal Health Care and Strengthening the Personal Health Ecosystem
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Rajiv Mehta, Zume Life
Expertise: Developing and bringing to market disruptive innovations

Technologies for Early Disease Detection and Rapid Disaster Response
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Mary Jane Marcus, inSTEDD
Expertise: Early disease detection and rapid response

Mobile Search and SMS Alerts: Uses for Health
Presentation Slides (PPT)
Lee McArthur, 4INFO
Expertise: Keep people in the know on the go

Frontline SMS: Open Source Application of Many Uses
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Ken Banks,
Expertise: Mobile applications in developing countries, Appropriate technology

Discussion and Q&A with speakers above

VII. Envisioning the Future of Texting 4 Health

Envisioning the Future of Texting
Presentation Slides (PDF)
Jason Tester, Institute for the Future
Expertise: Emerging interactive technologies and the future

» 6:15pm Evening Reception

Saturday, March 1, 2008 9:15AM – 1:15PM

Optional Workshop - How to Create Your Own SMS Service

9:15 AM - Meet at Cordora Hall for Gathering and Snacks
10:00 AM - Welcome by Dr. BJ Fogg

SMS Vendor Relationships
Presentation Slides (PPT)
Eric Holmen, President, SmartReply
Expertise: Mobile technology, Mobile marketing, Integration with other mediums

1:15 PM - Wrap Up

Questions? Contact BJ Fogg for more information.