The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab hosted “Texting4Health,” the premiere conference on how mobile text messaging can promote better health. This topic matters because texting is the only viable interactive channel for reaching people on a mass scale around the world.

We created a book from the Stanford event, bringing together the best content in 15 easy-to-ready chapters. This book showcases applications, ideas, insights on using mobile text messaging to improve personal and public health.

The book is now available via Amazon.

We will email you a free sample chapter. Just send a message to bjfogg [at] stanford.edu, putting the words “sample chapter” in your subject line.

Below is a list of some of the speakers, advisors, and authors associated with Texting 4 Health:

- Richard Adler, Institute for the Future
- Ken Banks, Director of kiwanja.net
- Kathleen Carey, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- BJ Fogg, Director, Persuasive Tech Lab @ Stanford University
- Anne Friedlander, Stanford Center on Longevity
- Eric Holmen, President, SmartReply
- Deb Levine, Internet Sexuality Information Services
- Rachel Maguire, Institute for the Future
- Janice Nall, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
- Kevin Patrick, Pace Project & UCSD
- Nick Sabadosh, Northrop Grumman
- Vic Strecher, University of Michigan
- Adam Tolnay, Persuasive Tech Lab @ Stanford University

Event sponsors include:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Stanford Center for Longevity
Institute for the Future
American Heart Association

If you have questions, please contact bjfogg [at] stanford.edu

Dr. BJ Fogg

Stanford University
Persuasive Technology Lab